If the pension does not comply with these rules, the Commission may order the landlord to make certain repairs. Write to the owner/concierge and let them know that you are concerned about your safety and/or the safety of other residents or guests. Keep a copy of this letter. Get advice from a community legal centre if you are injured on the site. Whether you are a pensioner/tenant or a tenant depends on the amount of control the landlord (or head of the school or the concierge) has on the premises. Encourage the owner to deposit your loan money with NSW Fair Trading. However, the law does not require it. Boarders usually receive meals as part of their agreement, while tenants do not. If your landlord runs a business (z.B. if you rent a room in an inn), under the Fair Trading Act 1987 (NSW), you can ask the General Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Court to have your dispute heard. Contact your local law and advisory service for advice on this. The owner must terminate you, in accordance with your agreement, if not “appropriate” message. For example, if you pay the weekly rent, they must give you at least 7 days in advance.

If your landlord does not have a store (z.B. they rent a room in your landlord`s house), only the courts can handle your dispute. In most cases, you should apply to the district court. Give the owner a written message to go in accordance with your agreement. Keep a copy of your notification. How you settle disputes with your landlord depends in large part on the type of agreement you have. The boarder lives in another`s apartment (tenant). If the tenant terminates his tenancy agreement, the boarder will also have to evacuate. The tenant can ask the boarder to share the rent. There should be a written agreement indicating the amount (or percentage) of the rent to be shared and the length of the boarder`s stay in the unit.

It is extremely important to have a written contract if a tenant unilaterally asks the boarder to leave or pay more rent. The tenant is also responsible for allowing boarders to disconnect replacement apartment keys. Ask for receipts if you pay rent. If the owner does not give you receipts, you keep a record like a newspaper with cash payments. Or pay by cheque or order of money and keep the stubs in a book. If the premises are not safe, the landlord may be held liable, in accordance with the law of negligence, for bodily damage caused by the fact that he does not maintain the premises. Unlike tenants, boarders and tenants do not have the right to exclusive occupancy of the premises – the landlord retains control of the premises. The court can decide whether you are a tenant, retiree/tenant or tenant who is covered by the Boarding Houses Act 2012. If you take legal action, a lessor or janitor may decide a dispute in the conciliation process in court without a full hearing to decide your legal status. If the owner distributes you because he wants to change the use of the premises (z.B. from a boarding house to a backpacker`s hostel), contact the planning area of the city council to see if they have an authorization.

If this is not the case, ask the Commission to investigate this matter. If your agreement has no notice, terminate it with a “reasonable” announcement. If you pay z.B a weekly rent, you indicate 7 days. The rental law excludes certain types of premises and agreements from its coverage.