15 Demonstration site www.dshs.state.tx.us/cmbhs/providers.shtmCMBHS URL demonstration site: 4/22/2017 15 6 Partnerships agency and Data ExchangeJail Diversion Activities CMBHS provides matching recording services for Coordinating Care with Prison Reservations Local Mental Health Authorities Access to Reports on Concordant Clients Office of Court Administration Access to CMBHS system for authorized users for criminal cases State Drug Court Program 4/22/2017 6 . 5 Training and stagnimat support took place in a central location, and field-based activities the state maintains the Train-the-Trainer training and personal support model currently available assistance staff available 4/22/2017 5 8 CMBHS functions and workflowIntake registration, Screening, financial law, reservations Evaluation Service Planning Treatment Plan, Service Authorization Service Documentation Stutorial Progress, Laboratory Results, Medication Contracts, Recommendations to Relieve Evaluation, Discharge Download Notice, Follow-up Health Information Technology Training 3 A Connected Infrastructure with a Behavioral Health Component 3 Diagnostic Laboratories. 14 Behavioral Health Information ExchangeLab Outpatient Clinic Residential MH Hospital Pharmacy Commercial Payer TMHP DSHS State Behavioral Health DataBase Data Access through Consent and Security Roles 4/22/2017 Preliminary DRAFT Behavioral Health Transformation September 26, 2014 Preliminary Working Draft, subject to Change. 29 March 2012 Improving children`s health outcomes in care: the role of electronic information exchange. Cohort 2 Region 4 Chicago, Illinois Mary Colleran, Chief Operations Officer – Samantha Handley, Vice President 4 Primary User Base Funded and Contractually Suppliers Substance Abuse Program Providern Community Mental Health Clinics (Local Mental Health Authorities) funded and mandated by state state personnel with appropriate access to program monitoring 4/22/2017 4 12 Imlementation Strategy Production Release 1 Release 2 Release 2 Prevention Services Intervention BHO/HMO Data Exchange Medicaid Integration Treatment Screening/Referral (DPS/OCA) Data Warehouse 4/22/2017 . 9 CMBHS Administrative FeaturesOccupancy Management Census, Wait List Claims Management Contracts Manage Contracts Contract Measures, Financial Status Reports, Invoices Reports Online Reports, Download Reports Collaboration for Referral to Mayo Clinic Health System COMPASS Medical Home Inpatient/ ED Transitions RN January 2014. 13 Data exchange with Standard TransactionsX12 HIPAA/HITSP Enrollment (834) Benefit Eligibility (270/271) Encounter (837) Service Authorization (278) Continuity of Care Document (C32, C80/83) 4/22/2017 1 Clinical Management for Behavioral Health Services (CMBHS) Texas Department of State Health Services Debabrata Mitra Technical Architect 4/22/2017 11 CMBHS Architecture Software Products Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5DSHS MVC/SOA Framework C`Oracle 10g Oracle RAC Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Business Objects XI 4/22/2017 2 What is CMBHS? CMBHS is an online health registry system for mental health and substance abuse The CMBHS treatment provider is a clinical tool designed and hosted by DSHS 4/4 for the assessment and treatment of mental health and substance abuse CMBHS 22/2017 2 3 Project Background and Goals Consolidation of Mental Health and Mental Health legislator-controlled substance Abuse of Services Program Coordination Technology CM BHS as a Transformative Activity Supported by state`s Mental Health Transformation Project Provides cornerstone for interage Data Exchange Project Goals One tool to improve client care and health outcomes Management tool for state-funded mental health and substance abuse services Maintain Security 4/22/2017 Health DATA BOOK A quarterly refer 1 January 9 , 2012 Clinical Management for Behavioral Health Services (CMBHS) Nevada PASRR Level II Program and Promising Practices.