The letter of 6 April, however, notes better news: the union and the city have negotiated a significant increase in paid days guaranteed in the event of temporary redundancy. Workers are now given 42 days guaranteed after obtaining a redundancy period instead of the 10 days provided by the collective agreement. Spokesman Chris Bryan said he was unable to provide information on the income the city has lost in recent weeks. Campbell commended employees for working in other departments to help the city need additional hands. Dismissed employees will be entitled to a first refusal if they return from their position, in accordance with the agreement, and staff will have the opportunity to express an interest in other work with the City, if necessary. Your collective agreement defines your right and duties in the workplace. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, talk to your administrator or a member of management. Campbell said the union still did not know how many or who will be affected by the layoffs, but that it could “assume that those who work in one of the closed municipal facilities will be affected.” Campbell`s letter, published on the union`s website, comes just over a week after another letter to union members, in which collaboration between the city and the union is put in place to ensure that “members continue to do useful work and suffer no financial loss during this period.” The bActive Pass cupE offers 23 members a discount on access to leisure facilities. The passport allows you to be flexible with your selection. Enjoy fitness, aquafit, indoor cyclite sessions and entrances to swimming, public skating and weight training rooms or book half of the snowshoe and squash court rental. When purchasing your B Active Pass, please bring your city identification (for example.

B:Staff ID card; Stub cheque with driver`s license; etc.) . . . This will make things much easier for the staff of our various establishments. Thank you so much for your help . . . It`s really appreciated!!! “You are appreciated and your efforts do not go unnoticed,” he said. “Their work is important and vital to the community we serve.

Across the city of Burnaby, CUPE`s 23 members are doing the job, despite the difficulties we all face personally. If you go to the Union office, please provide the following information: CUPE BC Member Guide – Access to WCB Benefits at age 65 and Over The City of Burnaby will lay off some of its employees because of COVID-19, despite past efforts to keep employees in their paid positions.