Once the Clinical/Field Health Form has been signed, go to:fanshawe.com.com to make an appointment with ParaMed. When all your vaccinations are complete, go to your local health care provider to complete and sign the clinical/field pre-placement form for health services. Note: Please provide proof of blood work in the event of injury/illness, if you end up with students while participating in placement activities, MAESD will continue to offer free insurance to the intermediary. Students` rights are guaranteed in the same way as the employer`s worker claims; For example, students who are hosted by a WSIB employer are covered by WSIB insurance and students who are housed with an employer not registered with the WSIB by the INA ace. Tip: Check the menu on the right and read everything under the title “Pre-placement Process” to familiarize yourself with your program`s pre-placement requirements. For students who need to complete the forecourting process, ParaMed currently applies only additional time. These can be arranged by phone at 519-439-2222 x4292 and ParaMed guides you through the process. Investments are mandatory. If you do not meet your pre-placement requirements, you cannot participate in your internship.

If you do not complete your clinical/field internship, you will not complete your program. Please read the following information to understand the incident notification process and the two types of insurance available to students on unpaid internships. In the fall of 2013, the Ministry of Continuing Education and Skills Development (MAESD) streamlined its process and amended the documents used for students participating in unpaid internships. The guidelines are available at the www.tcu.gov.on.ca/pepg/publications/placement.html. Fanshawe has partnered with ParaMed`s accessories program. ParaMed provides authorization for all your medical and non-medical records for clinical and field pre-placement. Note: Students at the Simcoe and Huron/Bruce campuses will not be removed by ParaMed.