Logos and trademarks: A location agreement may include permission to register signs, trade names, trademarks and owner logos that are visible on the ground. Incidental or background registration of trademarks and logos may not require the owner`s permission, but you should consult your lawyer on a case-by-case basis. Right to use records: The agreement should indicate how you will use the records. Are the recordings used for a specific project? In which media are the recordings used? Where are the recordings shown or exhibited? A broad grant of rights could include the right to send, exhibit and use recordings freely in all media, in the universe, for eternity, in any production. Ownership of records: The agreement should stipulate that you will own the records. However, remember that the owner of the site gives you a place to shoot – a little extra attention and a little personal time can go a long way to secure the location and ensure a smooth experience on the board. Like AirBnb, giving and receiving ratings can enhance a site manager`s reputation for future transactions. Like AirBnb, users can find controlled filming locations or list their own. No obligation to use: you should not be required to use the recordings and equipment filmed on site. You should keep the sole discretion to determine how records are used. Determine exactly what production compensates and when the site owner for use of the storage location. If you are a good administrator, it is more likely that the owner of the site treats the next filmmaker with kindness and generosity.

We all benefit. This will determine when and for how long the owner of the production authorizes access to his property. Squeeze as much time as you can here. A good local scout can help. Choosing and booking your location can be a huge challenge. Is authorization required? How do I get permission from the owner? What do you need? Full agreement: this type of provision, also known as the merger or integration clause, stipulates that the document is the whole agreement of the parties in this matter. Make sure that the agreement fully and accurately captures all of your expectations, because once you have signed an agreement with this type of arrangement, you can no longer rely on previous commitments or agreements between you and the landowner.