“It`s very important to our culture that we can`t afford to refine information,” he says. “What was agreed during the Lobola negotiations has legal implications, so it is important that all information is properly entered.” “There are people in our society who prefer to hide behind the fact that the discussion of everything about Lobola is sacrilegious rather than trying to see how to improve it. They have emotional reactions to a document that can help them. “I think it`s a great idea to try to solve some of the problems that are currently facing the Lobola negotiations. It is sad that some people are opposed to positive change – the proposal makes the agreement more affordable, more accessible and protects all parties involved. Earlier this year, media mogul Basetsana Kumalo posted on social media that she was the only woman on a lobola delegation. “If I were not already married, I would be open to a review of the terms of the draft agreement and the role that each party plays culturally (individually and collectively).” Don`t worry anymore, because there is only R99.00 that you can buy a Lobola deal. “It is unorthodox to have a product like a draft Lobola agreement. But I also understand that the politics of life and Stokvel products have evolved in this way.

The future involves change and, given the cultural weight of modern Lobola, this could benefit many young couples. Before, I was in the Lobola negotiations. As an uncle, I had to negotiate a lot of Lobola agreements. The agreement is intended to protect both parties after negotiations have concluded. “As far as critics are concerned, as Africans, we are infamous for not documenting our history, customs and traditions. The draft agreement helps to ensure that this critical part of Africa is properly accounted for. This is the opposite of the delay of African customs,” says Mahlangu. He said there was no method that would incriminate the dignity of a Lobolo agreement that would connect two people and two families throughout their lives.

Lobola`s negotiation agreement for marriage is the idea of businessman Jabulani Mahlangu. The document is in partnership with Hortors Stationery, which manufactures and provides legal publications, forms, books and communications. “I have attended more than five Lobola negotiations in various delegations and have also served as official writers for some of them,” mahlangu says.