1.18. “You” and “you” in this Agreement refers to the person or legal person in whose name that person is acting, who is identified during the process of creating and recording the software account. Your license for the use of a trial version is only valid for the trial period. You understand that when your test user license expires, you must purchase a license for the software, product or service or sign up for the subscription in order to continue to use or access the corresponding software, product or service and to retain the content (defined as high in section A.5) that you entered, created or edited or downloaded into the software or product or service data file during the trial period. If you do not purchase the software, product or service license or subscription before the end of the trial period, your content will no longer be available. To be absolutely clear, if you choose not to purchase the license or subscription for the full version of the software, product or services during the trial period, you cannot access the content and data you added, downloaded or created during the trial period after using the test software, product or services during the trial period. 2.1. Recording the software. After installation, you may need to activate and save the software before using it, and you may be asked to provide a valid product or license number.

You agree to keep your registration and/or account profile information correct, complete and up-to-date. Allowing or allowing others to use your license numbers, product number and validation numbers, if applicable, is strictly prohibited. For all intentions and purposes, you need to get both terms out when it comes to buying QuickBooks licenses and become familiar with the idea that a license should be purchased for each person using QuickBooks and that the simultaneous access feature built into QuickBooks can prevent all of these users from simultaneously connecting to QuickBooks.