All vertical agreements that originated or originated an AAEC in India are prohibited. There is no market share or materiality denouities. However, the consideration of the possibility of a vertical restriction that causes a CEAA is to determine whether the entity under review has some market power. The ICC often uses high market shares to replace market power and rejects claims of vertical silos when the market shares of firms that impose such restrictions are negligible. Does the assessment of vertical restrictions apply to certain industrial sectors (motor vehicles, insurance, etc.)? Please indicate the rules and the areas that cover them. This practice note is an important reading in the first phase for the analysis of vertical restrictions, i.e. restrictions in vertical agreements under Article 101, paragraph 1, of the TFUE (see ban on restrictive competition agreements), permitted by competition law. It includes the European Commission`s policy on vertical restrictions, the circumstances in which a vertical restriction does not violate competition law and specific current issues related to the application of competition law where the principles have not yet been clarified. It also covers the evolution of the practice of the UK competition authorities in terms of vertical agreements. Explain how the buyer`s ability to store products in competition with products provided by the supplier under the agreement is assessed. As noted in the answer to question 16, the ICC may take into account the buyer`s market share when assessing vertical restrictions under the basic rules. For example, in Automobiles Dealers Association vs.

Global Automobiles Limited – Golds. (Case 33 of 2011) the ICC rejected the allegations of an exclusive distribution agreement, as both parties refused the agreement on insignificant market shares, the having reduced the likelihood of market lockdown. Is the application of cartel and abuse legislation different if the agreement, which contains vertical restriction, also contains provisions granting intellectual property rights (IPRs)? How often do agreements and abuse of dominance rules apply to vertical restrictions by the cartel enforcement and abuse of dominance rules? What are the main priorities for vertical restrictions? To our knowledge, no ICC decision is made to address such a wholesale agreement.