The adventure of rehabilitating a plot of land includes a massive amount of multi-crore rupees, as well as the fate and future of all members of society. Once the land is handed over to the developers, the association has only legal documents on which it can rely and on which it can count in the event of an adverse situation in the completion of the successful rehabilitation task. In addition, developers receive approved plans, receive registration certificate and sanction of MCGM construction plans and pay all necessary deposits, taxes and bonuses to various authorities, including the MCGM and the same should be clarified in the development agreement. The development of a pardon document is a very important part of legal practice and the representation of interests; It must be understood that perfection is not achieved in the development, unless one understands the relevant provisions of laws, laws and rules, as well as the facts, figures and language of its terms and conditions. Many housing companies/renters suffer from litigation due to poor editorial formulations, a lack of documentation skills and a proper understanding of sanitation laws. The characteristics of the existing dwellings with the carpet surface of the apartments should be occupied by each member of the buildings. The area of the land under the Property Register Card must be mentioned. The estimated total area of the ISF, which can be created by the premium ISF or the use of the TDR in the field, must be mentioned. g) Completion Certificate Entry Date There are several things to consider when renovating a building, especially for owners in a CHS. Here is a checklist as you retire with the renovation so as not to fall into the trap as the owners in the campa Cola suit The Campa Cola episode clearly shows not only the need to contain illegal buildings and corruption, but also the need for buyers to be aware of their rights. What should you keep in mind if the renovation of the building is proposed so as not to fall into the trap like the owners of Campa Cola? As part of the development agreement, the company retains ownership and allows the developer to enter its land to build the building; and they sell the apartments like that. In return for the granting of the operating rights, the association may agree to a package or a share of the land built. In essence, when the owner acquires ownership of the land for construction as part of a development contract, he builds the property on his own initiative.

In this case, the monetary and/or non-monetary consideration for the acquisition of development rights is taken into account as the developer`s project cost.