What do the liberal professions need to know about the legal impact of work in a concert economy? And from the employer`s point of view, what do they have to keep in mind when employing self-employed workers? Yixian: The obvious conditions are the payment obligations in your professional contract, i.e. Kah Hee: You should first ask yourself if you are allowed to work freelance if you are still at full employment elsewhere. It depends a lot on the employment contract you have with your employer. You should check it yourself or you could ask for legal advice on whether your employment contract prevents you from freelancering in another location. Yixian: I think it comes down to what the self-employment you do, and what temporary work you are looking for. Are they contradictory or complementary? For example, if you are an independent wedding photographer who wants to work for a wedding planning company. A fair contract with the media creates trust and fosters long-term, healthy working relationships. If you try in advance to document the amount of work and set clear expectations about the quality of services you want, you can avoid unnecessary problems downstream. [1] (www.cipd.asia/news/hr-news/gig-economy-workers-singapore) Unlike salaried workers, the self-employed and the self-employed do not currently receive legal benefits. They are totally outside Singapore`s employment law and therefore cannot benefit from the employment protection that is defined there.

These employment protection measures concern, for example. B paid sick leave, as well as mandatory overtime payments. All benefits of a professional or self-employed person are found only in the corresponding service contract. Lau Kah Hee (partners, Derrick Wong – Lim BC LLP) and Kang Yixian (partners, Donaldson and Burkinshaw LLP) gave self-employment advice during Legal for Non-Legal Professionals, an event organized by AsiaLawNetwork, Singapore Corporate Counsel Association, NTUC and the Singapore Human Resources Institute. How to make a fair and progressive service contract by hiring media professionals. You are the only support you can still hire as a freelancer, it`s up to you to do it. One of the things Kah Hee mentioned earlier is that the main advantage of limited privates, that is: Inclusion is to have a shield. This layer of protection, so you are not personally responsible. In general and personally, it is always best to find out about your self-employment. You don`t want to hide anything if something is later resigned to your future employer. If you join a new employer, you want to join on a clean basis, something that is ahead of time and overboard.

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