If you install Microsoft Office in your Windows operating system and open it for the first time, you get a license agreement that prompts you to accept this software. It is called an End User License Agreement (EULA) and you must accept it. Now you can use Office without any problem. However, if this is not the case in your case and your Office 2013-EULA is open every time you open one of the Office components, including Outlook, you will be frustrated. Every time I open Outlook 2013 ($149.00 has been paid for it), a field is displayed asking you to accept the agreement. I`ve had enough and two hours on the phone with a so-called microsoft expert didn`t help, she just didn`t know why! Even if you recover the EULA window again and again, try this recording program:. . 2. Locate the executable file for each program that has this problem. In this example, we use Outlook. 4. In the window above in the Group Name or User Name section, select the User (computer nameuser) option and enable the Allow Full Access option in the Permissions for Users section. Click Take, and then click OK.

Now open any Office component program, such as for example. B Word, and accept the EULA. The Internet connection required to configure Outlook is required to configure an e-mail client. and automatic Outlook account setup configures most accounts for you. Yes, you are. You need to use the programs that best fit YOUR NEEDS, and if the Open Office is, you should definitely use it. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWow6432NodeMicrosoftOffice14.0 Log on to the computer with a user account with administrator registration information. . What a royal pain. Outlook is a pain – I don`t know all those geeky things about my internet connections that I would have to provide in order to be able to use Outlook. Ridiculous – I will drop my desktop and use open office. Microsoft is once again shooting itself in the foot.

Listen to the masses!!! This behavior occurs in any office program that you launch. . Log on to the computer with an administrator user account. I successfully registered the product and started using it. However, every time I open one of the progs such as Word, Excell, Outlook, etc., I get the “End User License Agreement” screen, which prompts me to accept or decline. I accept and I can continue as usual. Let`s not focus on why this happens. It`s a Microsoft product,” enough to say. Instead, let us fix the problem. Here`s what happens: This section, method, or task contains steps in which you will learn how to edit the record. However, serious problems can occur if you incorrectly edit the record.

So be sure to perform these steps carefully. Save the registration before editing it for additional protection. Then you can restore the recording if something goes wrong. For more information about backing up and restoring the record, see Backing up and restoring registration in Windows. Thank you very much! Simple but huge time reduction and frustration relief numbers, although I am the administrator and the only account on this comp, I still have to select “Run as administrator” for it to work. To discover the dozen other problems that MS has posed to me here. Great to find a “solution” that works!! Thank you very much, very much appreciated!!! But they did come to the rescue. .