3. In the case of Australia, an appeal is an appeal to a body established under Australian social security legislation. (c) if paragraph 1(d)(ii) of the Social Security Act had not been enacted in 1991, the person would be entitled to payment from a parent under a draft international agreement on social security; 9. With respect to Australia, the provisions of this Article shall not apply to rent subsidies, drug benefits or any other assistance to be paid solely in Australia or during a period of temporary absence in accordance with Australian social security legislation. (b) the deduction of that Italian benefit (including any Italian integration and/or social increases and family benefits for dependent pensioners) from the maximum rate of the Australian benefit; and e. Subject to points (b) and (c), any information provided by one Contracting Party to the other Party shall be subject to the same data protection as any other personal data obtained under the social security legislation of the other Party; All applicants for a pension under the Australian Agreement must meet the other requirements (e.g.B. age limits, income and wealth tests) required for this pension under Australian social security legislation. (a) contain provisions ensuring, in respect of New Zealand, that the safeguards provided for in New Zealand data protection legislation are complied with in the information reconciliation agreements and that the agreements comply with the data protection rules laid down in New Zealand data protection legislation; (b) the application of income control at the maximum rate of benefit under the Australian Social Security Act, using the amount calculated in accordance with point (a) as the person`s income; then (iv) the Law on State Social Benefits, but only to the extent that it applies to the national social security benefit in cases of old age and survivors. 7. The reference in paragraph 6 to a payment to a person`s partner under the laws of Australia shall relate to the payment of a pension, benefit or allowance to be paid under Australian social security legislation, whether payable under this Agreement or otherwise. For the purposes of this Article, invalidity benefits paid by the Netherlands under the AVO and WAZ shall be regarded as income-related benefits and the Netherlands rental subsidy shall be considered to have been paid under Netherlands social security legislation.

6. The competent authorities of both Contracting Parties may, by mutual agreement, provide for derogations from the provisions of this Article in the interests of the persons concerned by such persons. Recognising the need to continue to coordinate the functioning of their respective social security systems and to improve equal access for persons who receive between Australia and Italy the social security benefits provided for by the legislation of both countries, in so far as they relate to the following benefits: 4. Where a person outside Australia is entitled to an Australian benefit under this Agreement, the amount of this benefit does not include any additional benefit or assistance, unless it is payable to a person outside Australia, in accordance with the Australian Social Security Act. This Agreement shall not affect the rights of persons who have suffered disadvantages for political or religious reasons or for reasons of descent in the field of social security. 2. In the case of Australia, a reference in paragraph 1 to a benefit means a pension, benefit or allowance to be paid under its social security legislation. 5. Where a person who receives an Australian old-age pension under this Agreement temporarily travels to a third country, that benefit shall be paid during the period during which Australian social security legislation provides that a person absent from Australia shall continue to receive the Australian old-age pension; before the rate of the old-age pension is calculated proportionally. .

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