6) Find out which one can be considered the complete operating environment with applications, management? Explanation: All statements made in the above question are the characteristics of the SaaS or Software-as-a-Service model. 12) In which one of the following, a record or policy document is created, or on events, the conditions that a user may face when applying the cloud computing mode. Explanation: It can be understood as outsourced or insourced, which refers to the services provided by the service provider. Explanation: To emulate the underlying hardware, it is necessary to coordinate three main modules, which are as follows: 10) Which of the following is a type of cloud organized to serve the common purpose or functions? 10) What are the following graphical user interface (GUI) options for interacting with the cloud? 7) What types of computing resources exist in grid computing? 4) To enable more secure authentication, which of the following requirements is required at least? 7) Which of the following models is considered a kind of cloud computing model that includes the three different service models together? 3) Which of the following points behaves as the monitor entry point and redirects instructions from the virtual machine? Explanation: Grid calculation breaks down complex tasks into smaller parts that are distributed to the processor that resides in the grid. 5) Which of the following belonged to an organization that sells cloud services? 4) Which of the following requirements relates to non-functional requirements such as disaster recovery, security, reliability, etc. 5) Which of the following requirements is a step in the deployment process? 7) Which of the following templates is the most commonly used template for description and detection and is also used with SOAP messaging? Explanation: In Type1, full virtualization may be possible because it provides a complete simulation of the hardware on which it is currently running. Question 14. Which of the following is not a force in the Five Forces Carry model? (a) Buyer (b) Suppliers (c) Complementary products (d) Rivalry between industries 2) Which of the following frameworks uses the i-Card metaphor? 2) Resources such as IP addresses and VLANs are provided to end users by which of the following people? Explanation: OpenID allows users to log in to several different websites with the same account. .